August 31, 2010 named #2 in the 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting

A recent article reviewed “The 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting”. We are honored to be in their list. It is a particular honor to be chosen as the #2 grandparenting blog!

50 Best Blogs-Grandparenting-award

There are many other excellent blogs about grandparenting in the list that I recommend. I visit several of them regularly. Some of the authors have written guest posts here at GrandparentsTLC.

– Grandpa Shayne

Do you have other favorite blogs about grandparenting you’d like to share with us? Fee free to leave a link in a comment below.

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Comments on named #2 in the 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting

September 1, 2010

Leisa Olson @ 5:21 pm


September 18, 2010

New Baby Gift Baskets @ 9:26 am

Congratulations! Looks like you have a great blog here. I’m going to take a look at the other blogs in the top 50 too. I’m not a grandma yet, but hoping someday…

Awesome job Shayne and Tanda!!! Congratulations! Have a blessed week! :) :) :)

October 10, 2010

Susan Adcox @ 9:11 pm

Congratulations! It’s wonderful to have such grand allies in the grandparenting world.

November 16, 2010

Lisa @ 10:11 am

Congrats this is a wonderful site for active grandparents. Thanks for sharing.

Carol @ 6:22 pm

WOW, what a great Grandparenting site you have here. Really great posts here. Congrats and keep up the good work. So nice to meet you.

November 25, 2010

A @ 10:40 am

Congrats! You can see your hard work in this site.

December 20, 2010

Dr. Dick @ 9:02 am

Great blog, Grandpa Shayne! Thanks for being a voice for us grandparents!

Dr. D

December 25, 2010

Antiques @ 2:22 am

Congratulations. All the best for the next time.. we have to be #1.


December 29, 2010

Antique Furniture @ 5:20 pm

Congratulation. Thanks for being a voice for us grandparents!

January 7, 2011

Edie Mindell @ 4:25 am

Congratulations!!! This is really a great website for grandparents. I have learned so much from this website. Thanks for sharing your advices.:-)

January 27, 2011

espilc @ 7:31 am

Congratulations!! it’s really a very good site for grandparents.

August 28, 2011

Jade @ 10:34 am

Wow! Congratulations. That’s an achievement!

August 31, 2011

Kharen @ 9:09 am

Congrats! WE must love our grandparents and we must thank our granparents…

September 13, 2011

Cynthia @ 11:42 am

This is exciting.. Congratulation to the winner!

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